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Earth, Sun and Moon

1) What Will Happen to Earth if the Sun Disappears Suddenly From Space?

  • If the Sun disappears suddenly from space, it will lead to complete darkness on Earth.
  • Sunlight is necessary to maintain an optimum temperature on Earth for the continuity of life, which would not be possible without the Sun.

2) Despite Being the Most Significant Object in the Solar System, the Sun Cannot Control Earth’s Tides As the Moon Does. Why?

  • Yes, the Sun is the biggest, has the strongest gravitational force, and controls the orbits of every object in the solar system.
  • But the distance between Sun and Earth varies considerably compared to the Moon. The gravitational force varies with the distance between two celestial bodies.
  • Since Moon is closer to the Earth, its gravity plays a significant role in the formation of tides and waves on Earth.

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