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Facts About Human Body

1) What Are the Main Non-living Components of the Human Body?

Non-living components of the body comprise water, gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide, and nutrients like sodium, potassium, iron etc.

2) What Causes Shivering in a Freezing Environment?

  • The sensation of shivering arises due to constant contraction and relaxation of muscles.
  • It is an action of our body to produce enough heat to bring the body's temperature to an optimum level.

3) What Causes Bruising?

  • We get a bump or bruise due to the effect of the tiny blood vessels present below our skin.
  • These blood vessels get ruptured and bleed under the skin, leading to a red bruise that slowly darkens and fades away in a few days.

4) What Is a Stethoscope Used for? The Doctor Places Their Stethoscope on the Chest and Back. They Also Tap the Chest and Back of the Body. Why Do They Do That?

  • A stethoscope is used to hear the changes in the sound of the heart and lungs.
  • They tap the chest and back to check if there is any liquid inside the lungs, as normal lungs are filled only with air; when filled with water, they sound differently.
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