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Facts About Stars

1) Why Are Polar Regions Called the lands of the Midnight Sun?

  • In most places on Earth, the Sun is visible during the daytime only.
  • But the polar regions are the only places on Earth where the Sun is visible throughout the day during summers.
  • That means there is no sunset or sunrise.


2) Why Does the Sun Rise in the Day and Disappear at Night?

  • The Sun is steady in the sky.
  • As the Earth spins on its axis, only one-half receives sunlight at a time.
  • During this time, the other half of the Earth receives no sunlight; hence it's nighttime in the other half.
  • This phenomenon keeps repeating every 24 hours, leading to day and night.
  • When a part is facing towards the Sun, it is morning time there.


3) What Is a Solar Eclipse? What Happens to the Sun During a Solar Eclipse?

  • An eclipse is a celestial phenomenon.
  • During a solar eclipse, the Moon blocks the light from the Sun while moving around the Earth. The Moon comes in between the Sun and the Earth.
  • Due to this, Sun is not visible for a particular period of time.


4) What Makes the Sun So Hot and Bright?

  • The nuclear fusion reactions that constantly occur on the Sun make it hot and bright.
  • This phenomenon converts hydrogen into helium and leads to the production of an enormous amount of energy,


5) Is the Sun Yellow in Colour? Explain.

  • The sunlight, when it travels through the layers of gases in the atmosphere, gets scattered.
  • Only the yellow light reaches Earth and is visible to us, which makes the Sun appear yellow.
  • Instead, the Sun is white, which can be seen from space.


6) Why Knowing the Constellations Was Important During Old Times?

  • In the olden days, tracking stars' locations in the night sky was used to identify the directions.
  • This is now replaced by using a compass.


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