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Facts About Weather

Question 1:

Why Does the Weather Change Many Times During the Day?
  • Weather changes daily due to wind currents, humidity, temperature and water cycle.
  • Whereas seasonal changes occur because of the revolution of Earth around the Sun.
Facts about weather
Question 2:
The Thermometer That We Use for Measuring the Air Temperature Contains Mercury. Why Not Any Other Substance Used Instead of Mercury?
  • The thermometer is a device used to measure the degree of hotness or coldness of an object, body or place.
  • A clinical thermometer is used for measuring the body's temperature, whereas a laboratory thermometer is used to measure the temperature of the surroundings.
  • Mercury is the only metal that remains in liquid at room temperature.
  • It can contract or expand with the slightest change in the temperature; hence used mostly.
clinical thermometer
Question 3:
Why Is the Weather in the Mountain Area Colder Than in the Area Near the Sea?
  • As we move to the heights, the air density decreases, leading to a fall in the concentration of gases in the air.
  • A decrease in the amount of carbon dioxide leads to a fall in temperature as it plays a prominent role in absorbing the Sun’s heat and maintaining an optimum temperature.
variation of Change in climate with altitude
Question 4:
What Causes Thunder in Rainy Clouds?
  • We see huge lightning due to the collision of big rainy clouds with each other.
  • When this light travels towards Earth, it passes through the clouds, creating a path amidst the atmosphere or air.
  • It takes place very quickly. This sudden expansion of air leads to the production of loud noise, which we hear as thunder.
what causes Thunder
Question 5:
What Do You Understand About the Elements of Weather?

The atmospheric factors that act together to influence the weather of a place are called elements of weather. They are temperature, sunlight, humidity, rainfall, wind currents, atmospheric pressure and cloudiness.

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