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Food Preservation

1.Which Gas Is Used for Preserving Packed Food?

Nitrogen gas is used for preserving packed food items.

2.How Does Oil Act as a Preservative in Food and Do Not Allow the Microbes to Grow?

  • Oil makes a layer between the food item and the air, thereby not allowing air to interact with the food item.
  • The presence of air is a necessary condition for microbes to multiply. Hence, the oil layer does not allow them to grow and therefore prevents the rotting of food.

3.hat Are Decomposers? Why Are Decomposers Necessary for the Environment? What Will Happen in Their Absence?

  • The organisms that convert dead animals and plants into simple nutrients are decomposers.
  • Decomposers convert biodegradable waste produced in the environment to simple nutrients that mix with the soil.
  • Decomposition creates a new space for organisms to grow and live.
  • In the absence of decomposers, all waste produced will start accumulating in our environment.

4.Why Does Food Stored in Extremely Low Temperatures Not Rot for a Long Time?

  • Microbes need an optimum temperature of 25ºC-35ºC to grow and multiply.
  • Thus, extremely low temperatures do not favour microbial growth, preventing food from rotting.
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