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Force and Pressure

1.What Is the Formula of Pressure in the S.I. Unit?

  • The formula of pressure in the S.I. unit is- Pressure = Force/ Unit Area = N/ m2 i.e. Newton per metre square.

2.Identify the types of motions in the following images-

  1. The motion of a satellite- Circular motion.
  2. The motion of a moving car- rectilinear motion.
  3. The motion of a swing- Periodic motion.

3.See the Picture and Answer the Following Questions-

  1. Which Point Has the Highest Sideways Pressure?
  2. Which Point Has the Lowest Sideways Pressure?
  3. What Will Happen to the Lateral Pressure of C if the Water Level Is Reduced?
  4. How Can the Magnitude of Pressure Be Increased at the Bottom of a Container Half-Filled With a Liquid?

  1. Point C has the highest sideways pressure.
  2. Point A has the lowest lateral pressure.
  3. The lateral pressure will reduce at point C if the water level is reduced.
  4. If a container is half-filled with a liquid, the pressure at the bottom can be increased by pouring more liquid into that container.

The height of liquid inside a container is directly proportional to the pressure at the bottom of the container.

4.A Force of 400 N Is Applied to an Area of 4 m2. Calculate the Pressure Applied to the Site.

  • The pressure applied to the area will be:
    Pressure= Force/ Area that means 400/4 = 100 Pascal.

5.What is revolution of the Earth?

  • The rotation of Earth around the sun in a circular orbit is called revolution.
  • One revolution takes 365.26 days to complete.

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