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Forms of Energy and Their Conversion

1.What Do You Understand by the Transfer of Energy?

The movement of energy from one object to the other is called the transfer of energy.

For example, the movement of chemical energy stored in the battery to the bulb of a torch.

2.Food Gives Us the Energy to Dance. Mention the Energy Conversions Taking Place in This Situation.

The chemical energy of food is getting converted into muscular energy.

3.What Do You Understand About Rotational Kinetic Energy?

The energy possessed by an object in circular motion is called rotational kinetic energy. For example, a moving fan or a boy running on a circular track.

4.How Does Kinetic Energy Depend on the Mass of an Object?

Kinetic energy is directly proportional to the mass of an object. It means that the higher the mass, the greater will be the kinetic energy and vice versa.

5.Mention the Energy Conversion That Takes Place in a Roller Coaster Ride.

Electricity is used to operate the roller coaster. Therefore, electrical energy gets converted into mechanical energy.

6.A Man Accidentally Drops a Glass on the Floor. What Energy Conversions Take Place in This Situation?

The glass in a person's hand possesses potential energy due to its position. As soon as it is dropped, the potential energy changes into kinetic energy. The moment the glass hits the ground, the potential energy is minimum, and kinetic energy is maximum.

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