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Germination of Seeds

1) What Happens if We Over Water the Plants?

  • Too much water leads to water logging due to roots not having enough space to exchange gases.
  • This leads to wilting of roots and the gradual death of the plant.

2) How Does a Seed Develop Into a New Plant?

  • Seeds have tiny baby plants enclosed within them.
  • When the seeds get an appropriate environment, they germinate, which leads to the development of a new plant.
  • This baby plant grows the shoot and root systems and grows into a new plant

3) Why Are Fruits Colourful and Have Varying Tastes?

  • Fruits have their characteristic colour due to different coloured substances called pigments.
  • These pigments make them attractive. Animals, insects, and birds consume these fruits and help in spreading the seeds of these fruits by defecating them to different places.

4) What Are Fertilizers? Why Are They Important for Plants?

  • The substances that increase the fertility of the soil are called fertilizers.
  • They are essential for plants as they are rich in specific elements that promote plant growth.
5) What Happens if a Potted Plant Is Kept Inside a Closed Space for Many Days?
  • Sunlight is necessary for plants to make their food.
  • If a potted plant is kept in a closed space for many days, its leaves start turning yellow, leading to wilting of leaves.
  • This leads to the death of the plant gradually.
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