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How Do Plants Grow

1.Why Do Cactus Have Spines Instead of Leaves?

  • Cacti grow on land where very little or no water is available throughout the year.
  • The rate of evaporation from the plant depends on the size of the leaves.
  • So, to reduce water loss, cacti leaves are converted into spines.

2.How to Find Out Whether the Plant Is Dead or Alive When No Leaves or Flowers Are on It?

  • Plants shed their leaves to dispose of the waste material.
  • The absence of leaves on a plant is not a sign of a dead plant.
  • If the plant's stem is green or brownish, then the plant redevelops leaves and shoots.
  • The plant is considered dead when the stem turns black and dries completely.

3.How Do the Roots Protect Themselves While Growing Through the Soil?

  • The roots of plants are delicate and grow to penetrate deep into the soil.
  • A group of dead cells protects the tip of the root called the root cap.
  • The root cap protects the part of the root behind it.

4.Why Do New Leaves and Buds Arise From Specific Points on the Stem?

  • New leaves and buds arise only from the points where the nodes are located on the stem.
  • The area on nodes shows high cellular activity, which helps develop buds, flowers, leaves, branches, etc.

5.Name the Stems Used by Humans.

  • The stem of sandalwood is used to make lotions and other cosmetics for fragrance.
  • The stem of sugarcane and Date plants are used to make sugar.
  • Bamboo shoots, potato tubers and ginger rhizomes are used as food ingredients.

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