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How To Know Directions?

Question 1:

Why Does the Needle of the Magnetic Compass Always Point to the North?


  • A magnetic compass works on the magnetism of Earth.
  • Earth is like a giant magnet that has two different poles.
  • These poles are situated exactly opposite each other.
  • A needle in a compass acts like a tiny magnet and always aligns itself to the north pole of Earth.


Question 2:

How Are All the Places Far Away From Each Other Fitted on a Single Small Map?


  • The accurate distances between the places are scaled down proportionately and accordingly represented on the map.
  • For example, 1000 km can be expressed in 1 cm on a map.
  • Also, to represent various places, symbols are used.
  • This makes it easy to represent a large area on a small piece of paper.


Question 3:

What Are the Equator and Prime Meridian?


  • The prime meridian and Equator are imaginary lines that divide the Earth into equal halves.
  • The Equator divides it into two equal northern and southern hemispheres.
  • The prime meridian divides Earth into eastern and western hemispheres.
Equator and prime meridian



Question 4:

Why Are Symbols So Important on Any Map?
  • Symbols on a map are chosen to represent commonplaces like bus stops, railway stations, footbridges, restaurants etc.
  • These symbols make the map easy to read and understand.
  • Also, a lot of information can be presented in a limited space using symbols.
symbols on map
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