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Human Teeth Structure

1) Which Part of Our Tooth Has Nerve and Blood Supplies?

  • The pulp of our tooth has nerve and blood supplies and is softer than other parts of the tooth.
  • For the same reason, we feel pain when the pulp gets affected by infections.

2) What is Mastication?

  • The process of chewing food is called mastication. It is the first step of the process of digestion.
  • In this process, the food is crushed and ground by our teeth.
  • Our teeth have cusps and grooves that help chew the food.

3) Explain How Dental Cavities Are Formed.

  • Dental cavities are formed when food gets stuck between our teeth and is not cleaned properly.
  • As a result, the leftover food in the teeth is converted into acids due to bacterial action.
  • The secretion of acid leads to the formation of cavities.

4) What Do You Understand by the Term ‘Thecodont’?

  • The term ‘thecodont’ denotes the arrangement of teeth where they are inserted in socket-like structures called gums.
  • All mammals are thecodont.

5) Explain How a Dental Cavity Can Be Treated.

Dental cavities can be treated in the following two ways—

  • If the cavity is not deep and has only affected the crown, it is cleaned and filled with some tough material.
  • If the cavity spreads deep into the gums, then it is cleaned, and a tooth cap is fixed in place of it. It is called root canal treatment.

6) What is Odontoblast?

Odontoblast is a cell found in the pulp region of the teeth. This cell is responsible for the formation of dentine.

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