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Interesting Animal Facts

1) How the Pet Cats and Tigers Related to Each Other?

  • Pet cats and tigers have indeed very much more likeliness than differences. They belong to the same species.
  • Species are a group of organisms which have the same features and can reproduce for survival.
  • The tiger is a giant cat in the cat family.
  • Scientists have researched and found that pet cats have evolved from tigers and wild cats.

2) What Happens With the Ant Colony if the Queen Ant Dies?

  • Queen in the ant colony fulfils the sole responsibility of laying eggs which hatch to form new ants replacing the other ants once they complete their life cycle.
  • However, after the death of the queen ant, the new ants would not hatch, which would lead to a reduction in the members of the colony, and gradually the colony would vanish.

3) Snakes Have a Backbone Like Many Animals, but How Are They Flexible Like Worms?

  • Both snakes and other higher animals have a backbone.
  • The size of the bones which form the backbone of a snake is smaller, which enables the spine to move freely. Hence snakes can slide, hunch, twist or arch very quickly.
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