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Measuring Instruments

1) Write About a Few Instruments That Are Used in the Kitchen.

The following instruments are used in the kitchen-

  • Measuring cup-Measuring cup is used to measure the volume of liquid ingredients like milk, oil and solid ingredients like flour, sugar etc.

  • Measuring spoon-Measuring spoons are used to measure the volume of solid and liquid ingredients like oil, salt, baking powder etc.

  • Digital weighing scale-Weighing scale machines are used to measure the weight of solid ingredients like rice, flour, sugar etc.

  • Thermometer-Thermometers are used to check the temperature of cooked food or while cooking a specific type of food.

2) What Is the Difference Between an Analogue and a Digital Watch?

The difference between an analogue watch and a digital watch are as follows:

Analogue watch Digital watch
1. These watches show time with the help of hour, minute and second hands. 1. These watches show time with the help of a digital display like L.E.D. or LCD.
2. Analogue watches are less accurate. 2. Digital watches are more accurate.

3) What Is an Ammeter?

  • An ammeter is a device used for measuring the current flowing in a circuit.
  • The magnitude of current flowing in a circuit is measured in ampere using an ammeter.

4) Why Do We Use Both Metre Sticks and Measuring Tapes To Measure Length?

  • Both measuring sticks and measuring tapes are used in different situations or for different purposes.
  • The measuring tape is more flexible than a metre stick.
  • A measuring tape can be used to measure long distances, but metre sticks can be used to measure more minor things like a piece of cloth or the dimensions of an object.
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