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Nutrition in Animals

1) What Do You Understand by Siphoning? Give Examples of Animals That Use Siphoning as a Feeding Method.

Siphoning stands for sucking a liquid. Butterflies and houseflies use this feeding method as they feed on juices. Their mouth parts are specialised for the same.

2) What Is Browsing? Give Examples.

  • Browsing is a type of feeding habit where herbivores selectively eat the leaves and fruits of tall plants.
  • These herbivores generally live in small groups.
  • Browsing animals have wide mouths and long tongues to reach high-growing plants.
  • Examples—Wild goats, Deer, Giraffe, etc.

3) What Is the Meaning of Grazing? Give Examples.

  • The type of feeding habit where herbivores feed on the low-growing vegetation like grass is called grazing.
  • Grazers have small mouths with stiff lips.
  • They also have a true small stomach, unlike browsers.
  • Examples—Zebra, Rabbit, Giant Panda, etc.
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