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Organs of the Human Body

1.Why Does It Sometimes Hurt When We Cut Our Nails?

  • The roots of our nails comprise the living cells.
  • We trim the dead part of the nail. But when we cut it too deep, it reaches the live cells, which have sensations and hurts.

2.What Is Cartilage? Why Is It Necessary for Our Bodies?

  • Cartilage is a kind of tissue that help to join a bone with another bone.
  • Cartilage is flexible and allows the movements of the body.

3.What Is the Role of the Nervous System in the Human Body?

  • The nervous system plays a vital role in the control and coordination of our body.
  • It comprises the brain and the nerves. The brain is located inside the skull and the nerves spread throughout the body.
  • These nerves help the external stimulus to reach the brain, and the brain commands the body to act accordingly.

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