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Parts of a Flower and Pollination

1) What Is Anemophily?

The transfer of pollen by air is called anemophily.

2) Do Bats Help in Pollination? If Yes, Give Examples.

Yes, like other animals and birds, bats play a significant role in pollination. The plants which are pollinated by bats are guava and Morning Glory.

3) How Is Stigma Adapted for Receiving Pollen?

  • The stigma has a hairy platform that traps the pollen.
  • Also, it produces a sticky substance that allows the pollen to stick to the stigma.

4) What Is Hydrophily? State Examples.

The transfer of pollen by means of water is called hydrophily. Examples of plants adapted for hydrophily are coconut, lotus, water lily, etc.

5) What Is Entomophily? State the Characteristics of Flowers Adapted for Entomophily.

The transfer of pollen by insects is called entomophily. The characteristics of flowers adapted for entomophily are as follows—

  • They are brightly coloured to attract insects.
  • They produce sweet-scented nectar, which provides them with a characteristic smell.

6) What Is Gymnosperm? Give Examples of Gymnosperms.

The plants which produce cones instead of flowers are called gymnosperms.

They are also called plants with naked seeds as they are not enclosed in flowers, unlike angiosperms.

Examples: Cycas, Pinus

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