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Parts of the Body

1.A Newborn Consists of 300 Bones Which Change to 206 in an Adult. State the Reason Behind It.

  • The bones in the body of a newborn are smaller and more flexible.
  • When the baby starts growing, some of the bones fuse to form one single bone, decreasing the number of total bones

2.What Is a Cell? Why Is It So Important for the Body?

  • Our body is made up of tiny living parts, just like any complex puzzle is made up of separate parts.
  • Each of these living parts is called a cell. Our body contains cells that are of different sizes and shapes.
  • The cell provides structure to our body and performs important functions inside our body.

3.Is the Cell Divisible? Also, Mention the Basic Parts of a Cell.

  • A group of similar cells with a specific function to perform is called tissue.
  • Tissues combine to form various organs inside our bodies.

4.Is the Cell Divisible? Also, Mention the Basic Parts of a Cell.

  • Yes, the cell is divisible. A cell can grow and divide into other new cells in our body.
  • The cell is enclosed by a membrane called a cell membrane.
  • Inside this membrane are several cell organelles and the nucleus, also called the cell's brain.

5.Whether the Cells/Tissues of Plants and Humans Are Identical or Different? Explain.

  • Plant cells and animal cells are different from each other.

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