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Plant Habitat

1.Write Four Characteristics of Aquatic Plants. Give Two Examples.

  • Aquatic plants either remain submerged or float on the water body.
  • The leaves are coated with a wax-like substance, allowing them to stay dry.
  • The stems of these plants are soft and flexible.
  • Two examples of aquatic plants are lotus and water lily.


2.How Do Cactus Plants Survive in Hot Deserts?

  • The Cactus plant is adapted to grow and survive in deserts.
  • Leaves in cacti are modified to spines, allowing the plant to reduce water loss.
  • The stomata are sunken and hence not exposed to the sun’s heat.
  • They have a tap root system penetrating deep into the soil to absorb water.


3.What Is Coniferous Forest?

  • The forests that mainly comprise cone-shaped trees are called conifers.
  • Coniferous forests are mainly found in the mountains.
  • Oak and maples are some examples of conical-shaped crowns.
  • Their cone shape is an adaptation to survive during the snowfall in winter.
    Their sloppy shape does not allow the snow to stay on the crowns of trees.
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