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Root system

1) Banyan Tree Develops Hanging Roots Other Than the Main Underground Roots. Why Does the Tree Need Additional Roots?

  • Roots help to support the tree. The crown of the banyan tree is enormous and expands over a large area.
  • Hence, the additional roots grow from the tree branches, which provide the support it wants due to its enormous size.
  • These additional roots are called prop roots.

2) Why Are Sweet Potatoes Considered Roots, Whereas Potatoes Are Stems?

  • Potatoes have small eyes which can grow buds which shows that they are specialized stems.
  • On the other hand, no such structure can be seen in sweet potatoes; hence they are considered roots.

3) Mangrove Roots Grow Out of the Soil. Why Does the Mangrove Plant Need Such Roots?

  • Mangroves grow in waterlogged areas.
  • Roots cannot exchange gases in waterlogged conditions; hence mangroves grow roots out of the soil so that gaseous exchange can occur.
  • These roots are called stilt roots.
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