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Properties of Materials

Question 1:

How Will You Separate Solids (Dirt or Salt) From the Liquid (Water)?


The following methods can be used to separate dirt or salt from water:

  • Salt can be separated from water by the process of evaporation.
  • Dirt can be separated by the process of sedimentation (settling of dirt particles at the base of the container) and decantation.
  • Alum can be mixed with water to increase the rate of sedimentation and separate clear water.


Question 2:

Glass Is Fragile but Still Used to Make Windows on a Large Scale. Why Do You Think So?


Glass is used to make windows due to following reasons:

  • It is cheaper than other materials.
  • It is transparent and allows light to pass through it.
  • It is convenient to clean the glass.


Question 3:

Switches in the Electric Boards Are Made of Plastic Instead of Wood. Why?


Though both wood and plastic are insulators, plastic is used to make electric switches due to the following reasons:

  • Plastic is more durable than wood.
  • It can be heated and moulded into different shapes, unlike wood.
  • Thermosetting plastic used to make switches do not catch fire easily.
  • Plastic does not absorb water.
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