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Seasons in a Year

Question 1:

Why Are the Festivals in Many Places Mainly Linked With Different Seasons?

  • India is an agricultural country.
  • Farmers depended solely on nature for agriculture, which gradually shifted to artificial resources.
  • Since most farmers started celebrating the crucial climate changes for good agricultural yield celebrating such festivals gradually became a tradition.
  • For example, festivals like Teej mark the onset of the sowing of crops, and Holi marks the beginning of harvest time.

Question 2:

When There Is Summer in India, It’s Wintertime in Australia. Explain How?


  • India is situated in the northern hemisphere (half part) of Earth. At the same time, Australia is located in the southern (half part) of Earth.
  • Earth revolves around the Sun in an oval orbit. In January, Earth is very near to the Sun. During this time, the northern half of Earth is tilted towards the Sun and the southern half is tilted away from the Sun.
  • So, when there is summer in India, it is wintertime in Australia and vice versa.

Question 3:

The Spring Season Is Called the Transition Phase of the Year. Why?


  • The spring season is marked by the features of the preceding winter season and provides glimpses of the summer season to come.
  • It is the time when the day and night become equal in length.
  • Hence it is considered the transition phase of the year.


Question 4:

Why Do Some Animals Change Their Skin Colour When the Season Changes?


Some animal show changes in skin colour due to the following reasons:

  • Due to changes in the shade of vegetation, they change skin colour so they can camouflage well.
  • For managing the body heat, light colours reflect most of the light appropriate for summers, whereas dark skin coat is favourable for winters
  • Due to the mating season, some animals change their fur colour to become noticeable.

Question 5:

Why Do We See Huge Numbers of Snails, Earthworms, Centipedes, etc., After It Rains Two or Three Times?

  • Snails, earthworms, and centipedes are animals which live in the soil.
  • They hide themselves in the soil to keep their body moist and avoid the heat outside.
  • Once it rains, the weather becomes suitable for them to come out as it is humid. Also, the filling of burrows with water forces them to come out of the soil.
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