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Solid Liquid Gas

1) LPG and Kerosene Are Fuels; Why Do We Use LPG in Metal Cylinders While Kerosene Can Be Kept in Closed Containers?

  • LPG and kerosene are both highly inflammable fuels.
  • It is possible to safely handle LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) when it is in liquid form. But to store it in liquid form, high pressure must be maintained; hence it is stored in metal cylinders.
  • There is no such requirement for kerosene; hence it can be stored in any plastic container.

2) Is Plasma a State of Matter? How Is It Formed, and Where Is It Used?

  • Yes, plasma is the fourth state of matter.
  • Plasma is formed on heating, the gas at a very high-temperature
  • Plasma is used in fluorescent lights, neon lights and LED screens.

3) What Is Dry Ice? How Is It Different From Regular Ice?

  • Dry ice is the solid carbon dioxide stored at extremely low temperatures.
  • When it comes to normal temperature, this dry ice directly converts into carbon dioxide gas, unlike regular ice. Hence it is called dry ice.

4) Solid Water Can Be Changed Into Liquid or Gas and Again Into Solid Ice. But a Baked Cake Cannot Be Separated Into Flour, Water and Other Ingredients. Why?

  • Solid water can be changed into liquid or gas as it is a change which does not change the properties of water permanently; hence it can be reversed.
  • In the case of baking cake, the properties of ingredients change permanently and cannot be reversed in any condition.

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