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Solids, Liquids and Gases

1) How Do Solutes Dissolve in a Solvent?

  • The substances used as solvents have sufficient intermolecular space between their molecules.
  • When a solute is dissolved in a solvent, the intermolecular space among the solvent molecules gets occupied by the solute molecules.
  • As a result, the solute dissolves in a solvent.

2) Why Can Solids Not Be Compressed Further?

  • The atoms or molecules in solids are tightly packed with minimum intermolecular space.
  • There is no space for the molecules to move closer; hence they cannot be compressed further.

3) Why Can Solids Not Be Compressed Further?

  • The solubility of a solute increases with an increase in the temperature.
  • It happens because, with the rise in temperature, the energy of the solute molecules increases and hence, they dissolve more.

4) Can We Keep Dissolving a Solute in a Solvent Forever?

  • No, we cannot keep dissolving the solute in a solvent forever.
  • The reason is that on continuous addition of a solute, the intermolecular space between the solvent particles gets fully occupied.
  • Such a solution is called a saturated solution.

5) Solids Conduct Heat Quickly. Why Do You Think So?

  • The molecules in a solid are closely packed.
  • The transfer of heat takes place quickly as the molecules are touching each other, which provides a path for heat to pass.
  • Hence, solids conduct heat quickly.
Arrangement of atoms in solids

6) Which of the Three States of Matter Heats the Slowest? State the Reason for the Same.

  • Gases heat the slowest.
  • There is a large intermolecular space between the gas molecules, so heat does not get a continuous path to travel.
Arrangement of atoms in gases

7) What Is a Mixture?

A mixture is a combination of two or more substances. These substances may be either miscible or immiscible.


8) State the Points You Should Consider Before Choosing the Method of Separation for Any Mixture.

The following points should be considered before choosing a separation method for any mixture—

  • State of constituents of the mixture.
  • Solubility of the components of the mixture.
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