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Standard Units of Measurement

1) What Are the Units of Time? Explain the Relationship Among the Units of Time.

  • The units of time are hours, minutes and seconds.
  • The relation among the units of time is as follows-
    • 60 seconds is equal to 1 minute.
    • 60 minutes is equal to 1 hour.
    • 1 hour is equal to 3600 seconds.

2) What is metrology?

  • Metrology is the study of measurement scientifically.
  • Metrology helps us to understand different quantities and their units.

3) What Is Acceleration, and How Do We Measure It?

  • The rate of change of velocity per unit of time is called acceleration. An increase in speed characterises an accelerated object.
  • Velocity can be defined as the displacement of an object per unit of time.
  • The formula of acceleration is change in velocity ∕ Time.
  • The unit of acceleration is m ∕ s2

4) What Is the Difference Between C.G.S. and F.P.S. Systems?

The difference between C.G.S. and F.P.S. systems are following-

C.G.S. system F.P.S. system
1. In this system, centimetre, gram, and second are the length, mass, and time units, respectively. 1. In this system, foot, pound, and second are the length, mass, and time units, respectively.
2. This system is known as the French system of units. 2. This system is also known as the British system of units.


This Is a Badminton Court. Find Out This Court’s Perimeter and Area and Mention the Units Properly.

  • This badminton court is a rectangle as its length is longer than its width.
  • The perimeter of a rectangle can be calculated using the formulae 2 (L + W)
  • Hence the perimeter of this badminton court is equal to 2 ( 50 + 30) metres = 140 metres.
  • The area of a rectangle can be calculated using the formulae L X W.
  • Hence the area of this badminton court is equal to 50 X 30 m2 = 1500 m2

6) What Is the Relation Between 1 Metre and 1 Kilometre?

The relation between 1 metre and 1 kilometre is as follows:

1metre = 0.001 kilometre or
1 kilometre = 1000 metre

7) How Do People Use To Measure Time in the Past?

  • In the past, people used to measure time with the help of egg timers.
  • An egg timer is a sealed glass container with a narrow neck in the middle.
  • Egg-timers are filled with sand, which flows through the narrow neck from top to bottom when the container is inverted.
  • The duration for the complete transfer of sand from the upper part to the lower part denoted a certain period of time.

8) What Is the Difference Between 1 Kilometre and 1 Mile?

  • Kilometres and miles are both units of length.
  • Mile is a bigger unit as compared to the kilometre.
  • One mile equals 1609.34 metres, whereas 1 km equals 1000 m.

9) Define Calibration

  • The act of marking units on an instrument is called calibration.
  • It is done to take accurate measurements.
  • This process minimises the occurrence of errors while taking measurements.


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