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Synthetic Materials

Question 1:

Why Is Tar Used in Making the Roads?

Tar which is made using crude oil, is used for making roads due to the following reasons:


  • Vehicles do not skid on the tar-coated surface.
  • It does not get washed away by rainwater.
  • Snow quickly melts on the tar-covered surface.
tar used for making roads


Question 2:

Electric Wires Are Made Up of Metals and Are Covered by Plastic. Why?
  • Electric wires are made of metals as they are good conductors of electricity.
  • The plastic coating on the surface of electric wires acts as an insulator. It is done to avoid electric shocks if someone accidentally contacts the electrical wire.
metals are used to make wires


Question 3:

Why Are Safety Helmets Made Using Certain Forms of Plastics?

Certain types of plastic are used to make helmets due to the following reasons:

  • Plastic is cheap, and light weighed.
  • It can be moulded easily.
  • It does not break easily. The thermosetting plastics do not get affected even with normal heat or fire. They require very intense heat to be melted.
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