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The Moon

1) The Moon Provides Us with Light in the Dark. So, Why Is the Moon Not Considered a Star?

  • Moon is a prominent celestial object in the sky.
  • It indeed illuminates everything at night with its bright, soothing light.
  • But the light coming from the Moon is not it's own.
  • The Moon shines by reflecting the light from the Sun. Hence, not considered a star.


2) How Was the Moon Formed?

  • Researchers think that the Moon was once a part of the Earth.
  • When a huge celestial object collided with Earth, it formed debris that started revolving around Earth under the effect of its gravity.
  • This revolving debris aggregated slowly to form the Moon.


3) What Is a 'Blood Moon'? Why Does It Happen?

  • Similar to a solar eclipse, there is a lunar eclipse .
  • During a total lunar eclipse, Earth falls between the Sun and the Moon and completely blocks the sunlight falling on the Moon.
  • But due to Earth's atmosphere, some sun rays fall on the Moon, giving the Moon a blood-red colour.
  • Therefore, the Moon during a total lunar eclipse is called a 'Blood moon'.
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