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The Solar System

1.What Is the Milky Way Galaxy? How Many Galaxies Are There in the Universe?

  • The Milky way galaxy is a large group of stars, dust and gas. It is also called a spiral galaxy because of its shape that appears in the night sky.
  • Our solar system is part of the milky way galaxy.
  • There are around 170 galaxies in the Universe.

2.Which Is the Fastest-Spinning Planet in the Solar System? Write Some Unique Features of That Planet.

Jupiter is the fastest-spinning planet in the Solar System.

Some unique features of Jupiter are as follows:

  • A cyclonic spot named the Great Red Spot is present in the equatorial region of this planet.
  • Several prominent cloud belts are present in Jupiter’s atmosphere.
  • The four largest moons of Jupiter are called the Galilean Moons.
  • Jupiter has 80 natural satellites.

3.Which Planet Is Called the Twin Sister of Earth?

Venus is called the twin planet of the Earth due to its almost similar size and density.

4.Write two differences between Venus and the Earth.

Venus Earth
1. Venus has toxic gases in the atmosphere. 1. Earth has life-supportive gases like oxygen in the atmosphere.
2. Though Venus is located after Mercury in the Solar System, it is the hottest planet in the solar system. 2. The temperature of Earth is not as hot as Venus, which is why Life exists on it.

5.How Many Rings Does Saturn Have, and What Are Saturn’s Rings Made Of?

  • According to NASA, Saturn has seven prominent rings.
  • The rings of Saturn are made up of floating ice and rocky particles.
  • All these ice and rocky particles orbit around Saturn.
  • There are visible gaps between the rings.
  • The rings are named using alphabets.

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