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Transfer of a Physical Trait

Question 1:

What Do You Understand by the Term Physical Traits? Can Two People Have the Same Physical Traits?


The features that we can see with the eyes are called physical traits. For example, the type of hair, skin colour, and colour of the eyes.

Yes, two people can have the same physical traits, but that does not imply the same genetic makeup.

Question 2:

Do Twins Have the Same Genetic Makeup?

No, twins do not have the same genetic makeup. No two people share the same genetic makeup, either twin or not.

Question 3:

What Do You Understand by Identical Twins and Non-Identical Twins?


  • Identical twins are born when a single fertilised egg in the female body segregates and develops into two different babies.
  • Non-identical twins are born when two different fertilised eggs grow into two separate babies.
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