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Types and Parts of a Plant

1.Write Some Features of the Banyan Tree.

  • Banyan trees grow on plains.
  • These trees attain a huge size.
  • They develop hanging roots or prop roots for additional support.
  • The leaves of a banyan tree are glossy, leathery and blunt.
  • The banyan tree is worshipped in some parts of India and Nepal.

2.What Are Thorns? Give Examples.

  • Spines in plants are also called thorns.
  • They can be found at the tip of leaves or on the stem.
  • Example: Rose, bougainvillea.

3.Why Do the Roots and Shoots of a Plant Grow in Opposite Directions?

  • The roots of plants are geotropic, i.e. they grow towards gravity.
  • The shoots of the plants are phototrophic, i.e. they grow towards the light.
  • Hence, they grow in opposite directions.

4.What Is the Function of Stomata?

  • Stomata are tiny pores that are present on the leaves.
  • Stomata help in gaseous exchange in plants.

5.What Are Parasitic Plants?

  • Plants that depend on other organisms for food are called parasitic plants.
  • Examples: Pitcher plant and venus fly trap.
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