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Types of Animals

1) Explain What Kind of Animal a Hyena Is.

  • A hyena is a carnivorous animal.
  • These animals hunt and kill in packs and eat animal flesh.
  • Hyenas are native to Africa, the Middle East, Arab countries and India.
  • Hyenas are ferocious animals that mostly live in jungles and sub-deserts.
2) Is the Red Panda a Carnivorous Animal?
  • No, the red panda is a plant-eating animal.
  • They mainly eat plants, leaves, fruits and flowers.
  • This animal is a small mammal that is native to India and China.
  • Red pandas live on trees.

3) What Are Arboreal Animals?

  • The animals that live on trees are called arboreal animals.
  • Most arboreal animals are plant-eating animals.
  • All arboreal animals have muscular tails that help them balance while jumping from one tree to another.
  • These animals can firmly grip the leafy branches of trees.
  • Giant squirrels, monkeys, pandas, sloths, lizards, and koalas are arboreal animals
 4) Where Do Polar Bears Live? Why Do Polar Bears Have White Fur and Thick Body Fat?
  • Polar bears are found in the arctic region.
  • They have a thick layer of fat that works as an insulator to survive in harsh cold weather in polar regions and maintains the optimum body temperature.
  • Their thick white fur protects them from cold winds and helps them to hide well in their surroundings.
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