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Types of Forces

1.What Kind of Quantity Is Force?

  • Force is a vector quantity
  • The quantities that have both magnitude and direction are called vector quantities.

2.Categorize the Following Into Types of Forces.

  1. Inertia
  2. Force Exerted by a Charged Body on Another Charged or Uncharged Body.
  3. The Force That Pulls Every Object Towards the Earth.
  4. The Force That Attracts a Fridge Magnet Towards the Wall of the Fridge.
  5. The Force That Helps in Skiing.
  6. The Force That Is Applied on a Hand Pump to Collect Water.
  1. Not a force.
  2. Electrostatic force.
  3. Gravitational force.
  4. Magnetic force.
  5. Frictional force.
  6. Mechanical force.

3.What Is Inertia?

  • Inertia is the property of an object by virtue of which it either remains in a static state or uniform motion.
  • Uniform motion can be defined as the motion of an object where it covers equal distances in equal time intervals.

4.What for Sir Isaac Newton is Famous?

  • Sir Isaac Newton was a famous scientist who worked on force and gravity.
  • He invented calculus and the theory of universal gravity and coined three laws of motion.
  • He also invented the reflecting telescope that can form an image with the help of reflecting mirrors.

5.What Is Centrifugal Force? Give Examples.

  • The centrifugal force is an apparent force felt on an object when moving in a circular path.
  • Example- Sensation of force felt while we sit in a merry-go-round moving in a circular direction is due to the centrifugal force.

6.Arrange the Following Animals in Ascending Order According to Their Inertia.

Why is the magnitude of inertia different among all these animals?

  • Inertia exerted by a body or object is directly proportional to its mass.
  • The more the mass, the more inertia is exerted by it.
  • Hence, the order of the animals in ascending sequence would be Ant< Caterpillar< Lizard< Cat< Bear< Elephant.

7.Why Are Bogies of Trains Provided With Buffers?

Bogies of trains are provided with buffers because those increase the impact of jerking between two bogies, preventing the sudden jerking of the passengers sitting inside.

8.Why Do Two Thermocol Balls Always Move Away From Each Other?

  • Two thermocol balls move away from each other because electrostatic force acts on those balls.
  • As both balls have similar charges in their bodies, they repel each other.

9.What Are the Poles of a Magnet?

  • The ends of the magnet are termed poles.
  • A magnet has two poles, a north pole and a south pole.
  • The same poles of a magnet repel each other.
  • The opposite poles of a magnet attract each other.

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