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Types of Teeth

1) What Do You Understand by Dental Formula of Human?

  • The formula used to calculate the number and types of teeth present in both jaws is called the dental formula.
  • The dental formula for humans is—

2) What Keeps Your Teeth Fixed in Place?

  • Teeth are fixed in socket-like structures present in the upper and lower jaw.
  • This fixation is not superficial; rather, the teeth are fixed deep inside the boxes of the upper jaw and lower jaw called maxilla and mandible, respectively.
  • The jaw bones are the skull's strongest bones, and only the lower jaw, i.e., the mandible, is movable.

3) How Are Teeth Different From Bones?

Teeth are different from bones in the following aspects—

  • Teeth are covered by a layer called enamel, which makes them stronger than bones.
  • Bones are protected by layers of muscles and skin, but teeth are not.
  • Bones can produce new red blood cells in their central cavity, called bone marrow, but teeth cannot.

4) What Does a Healthy Tooth Look Like? Which Substance Is Responsible for That Appearance?

  • Healthy teeth appear bright white, and shiny.
  • Calcium phosphate present in the enamel gives the characteristic colour to the teeth.

5) Do Your Teeth Resemble Your Parents or Siblings?

  • Every person has different shapes and arrangements of teeth.
  • Like no two people can have the same DNA and fingerprints; similarly, no two people can have the same shape and arrangement of teeth.

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