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Water Pollution

1) How Do Pesticides and Herbicides Cause Water Pollution?

  • Farmers apply pesticides and herbicides to protect crops from diseases and kill pests and unwanted vegetation.
  • The toxic chemicals in these compounds seep into water sources like rivers or lakes through irrigation water and cause water pollution.

2) How Is Wastewater Treated in Water Treatment Plants?

The following steps are followed for wastewater treatment in the water treatment plants—

Step 1 : Filtration is done by passing the water through water filters.

Step 2: Sand particles and grits are removed from the water.

Step 3: By sedimentation and decantation process all solid impurities are separated from the water. The organic matter is removed by the action of anaerobic bacteria.

Step 4: The water is disinfected by adding chlorine and passing it through UV filters.

3) What is Biomagnification?

  • Biomagnification stands for the accumulation of toxic materials in the bodies of organisms at each level of a food chain.
  • These toxic materials do not degrade and pass from one organism to another.
  • The concentration of toxic materials increases with an increase in the food chain level.


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