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What is Combustion and Breathing?

1) How Does Coronavirus Affect Our Lungs?

  • Our lungs are made up of tiny air sacs called alveoli.
  • Coronavirus enters our body through respiratory tubes. As a result, the air sacs get filled with mucus, fluid, and debris.
  • Due to such a situation, the air sacs cannot exchange gases while breathing.

2) Why Do Walls of the Trachea or Windpipe Not Collapse When There Is Less Air?

The windpipe has numerous C-shaped rings made of cartilage that maintain the shape of the trachea.

3) Why Is Our Left Lung Smaller Than the Right One?

  • Our left lung is smaller than the right one because it has two lobes, whereas the right has three lobes.
  • It is an adaptation of the body to accommodate the heart in the thoracic cavity.

4) Why Is the Right Lung More Susceptible to Infections?

  • The right lung is more susceptible to infections because the right main bronchiole is wider than the left.
  • This bronchiole is vertically connected with the tracheal tubes of the right lung.
  • Due to this, air, as well as airborne germs, can quickly enter the alveoli of the right lung.
  • If food accidentally enters the respiratory tube, it easily moves into the right tracheal tubes.

5) Why Does a Burning Candle Extinguish When Covered With Glass?

  • Burning, also known as combustion, needs air and especially oxygen.
  • A burning candle covered with glass burns for a few seconds and then extinguishes. It happens because the oxygen supply is interrupted as soon as the candle is covered.
  • Without the presence of oxygen, the candle stops burning.

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