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What is the Function of the Digestive System?

1) How Do We Taste Different Types of Foods?

  • We can taste different types of foods with the help of our tongues.
  • Our tongue has small taste buds that help us identify different tastes.
  • These taste buds are made up of cells situated on the tongue's outermost covering.
  • The nerves associated with these taste buds transmit the signals to the brain, which helps us interpret the type of taste.

2) Why Does Food Always Move From the Mouth to the Stomach Through the Food Pipe?

  • Food always moves from mouth to stomach due to the peristaltic movement of the food pipe.
  • Peristaltic movement is a rhythmic contraction and relaxation of the muscles of the alimentary canal.
  • Due to this, the food that enters the stomach never returns to the food pipe again.

3) What Is Undigested Food? What Happens to the Undigested Food in the Body?

  • The part of the food we consume that does not get digested in the alimentary canal and reaches to anus gradually is called undigested food or faecal matter.
  • It comprises dead bacteria, cellulose, a carbohydrate our body cannot digest, and some undigested carbohydrates, fats and proteins.
  • It is stored in the rectum for a while and egested through the anus during defecation.
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