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What is the Meaning of Reproduction?

1) What Is Fertilisation? Where Does It Take Place?

  • The process of fusion of male and female gametes is called fertilization.
  • The site of fertilisation varies in different animals.
  • In mammals, it takes place inside the body of the female.
  • In fishes, it takes place in water, i.e., outside the body of a female.

2) Mention the Gestation Period of the Following Animals— Elephant, Dog, Giraffe, Monkey, Kangaroo, Cat, Rhinoceros. Animal Gestation Period
i. Elephant 22 months
ii. Dog 2.5 to 3 months
iii. Giraffe 15 months
iv. Monkey Around 5 months
v. Kangaroo 28 days
vi. Cat 2 months
vii. Rhinoceros 16-18 months

3) What Protects the Growing Baby From External Physical Shocks in Mammals?

  • The growing baby is enclosed within an amniotic bag filled with amniotic fluid.
  • This amniotic fluid protects the growing baby from external physical shocks.


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