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The Monkey And The Wedge

In the spacious grove near the edge of the city resided a troop of monkeys. Fruit trees abound in the grove. All year long, loads of bananas were hanging. Tangy pomegranates, delicious chikoos, and juicy oranges emerged from other trees.

A young monkey named Makranda was one of the group. Among all of them, he had the most energy. Throughout the day, he would hop from tree to tree. The older monkeys discouraged such dangerous play, yet he would climb the highest branches.

One day, a party of city dwellers made their way to the grove with axes in hand. In one area of the grove, they started felling trees. At first, the monkeys were really afraid. They thought that the humans would clear their entire grove.

But before long, it was evident that they were simply clearing a tiny portion in order to construct a temple. As the humans started stacking the wood logs and building the temple, the monkeys gazed on in fascination.

The employees would leave for lunch every afternoon at one o'clock. They would take an hour off, then get back to work. As soon as they went, the monkeys would come into the area. It was a pleasant diversion from swinging on trees to jump amid the wood heaps and gather construction tools.

Makranda once saw a big tree trunk that had been chopped down. The laborers were attempting to divide it in half, and the task was not yet completed. To make sure the trunk wouldn't snap back together, a sizable wedge was positioned where the incision had been created.

Makranda hopped onto the wooden log and took a seat, allowing his leg to hang down through the opening in the wood. He started to wonder about the wood wedge. He made an attempt to shake it. There was no movement of the wedge.

The older monkeys yelled at him, "Hey, Makranda, don't mess with their work."

"Ha," Makranda exclaimed, "Spoilsports."

He applied considerable force to the wedge, causing it to adhere firmly. Makranda blushed. Abruptly, the wedge shot out of the trunk. The monkeys observed as Makranda's wedge escaped her grasp and crossed the open space. Then there was a loud shout heard by them!

"Oww! Oww! Oww!"

Makranda's leg got caught in the timber. The other monkeys pity him greatly. Yet they were powerless to stop it. Makranda could not be pulled out.

The workmen soon made their way back. The other monkeys all ran off. They scaled trees to observe the results.

A monkey was stuck where the workers had left a wedge, shocking them. They knew what happened. After Makranda's leg broke free, the carpenters pulled at the trunk. But his wounded leg prevented him from running.

The workers were delighted by the monkey's stupidity. Yet, they bandaged his leg and put some balm on it after observing how much pain he was in.

With a limp, Makranda made his way to the group. He made a vow to the older monkeys that he would never act so foolishly again.

Moral of the story

The moral of the tale is found in what happens as a result of the monkey's interference and curiosity. It tells us that our knowledge is limited and that messing with things we don't completely grasp might have negative consequences. The story highlights the significance of exercising caution and wisdom in our actions by cautioning against behaving rashly without thinking through the possible repercussions. In the end, "The Monkey and the Wedge" is a warning about the dangers of curiosity and the necessity of honoring limits and restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the story of "The Monkey and the Wedge" about?

The Monkey and the Wedge" is a tale about a young monkey named Makranda who resides in a grove near the edge of a city. The story revolves around Makranda's curiosity and the consequences that arise when he interferes with human construction work in the grove.

2. Who is Makranda, and what role does he play in the story?

Makranda is a young monkey known for his energy and adventurous spirit. He plays a central role in the story as his curiosity leads him to meddle with the construction work being carried out by humans in the grove.

3. What happens when Makranda interferes with the construction work?

 Makranda's interference with the construction work results in his leg getting caught in a wooden trunk. Despite warnings from older monkeys, Makranda's curiosity leads to this unfortunate incident, causing him pain and distress.

4. What is the moral lesson conveyed in "The Monkey and the Wedge"?

The moral lesson of the story is the importance of exercising caution and wisdom in our actions. Makranda's curiosity serves as a warning about the dangers of meddling with things beyond our understanding, highlighting the need to respect limits and restrictions.

5. Where can we read "The Monkey and the Wedge"?

The Monkey and the Wedge" is a traditional folk tale that can be found in various collections of folklore and children's literature. It may also be available online or in storybooks featuring animal fables and moral tales.

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