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Sleeping Beauty Story for Kids

sleeping beauty

The story of sleeping beauty tends to be science fiction written by Arthur C. Clarke in April 1957, the other name of Sleeping Beauty is Little Briar Rose. The Sleeping Beauty is one among the disney princess Aurora the story revolves around the Aurora princess. The story is about a princess who was stabbed with a spindle in the fairy tale, and a wicked fairy cursed her in retaliation. In accordance with the curse, the prince was the only one who could have set her free.

The Story of Sleeping Beauty Fairy Tale

Long ago, the Kingdom of France was home to a King and a Queen. Beyond everything, their greatest desire was to have a child, and at last, their dream was realized. Beautiful baby princess Aurora born to the Queen. The Queen was extremely content, as was the King.  

To this excitement, bells rang joyfully throughout the nation. They threw a naming ceremony for their daughter and invited every fairy in the realm. Every visitor was presented with dishes and utensils crafted entirely of gold.

Maleficent, an elderly fairy who disappeared half a century ago and hasn't been seen in a long time, showed up at the ceremony out of the dark and without any prior warning.

Since she was a fairy and the King and Queen honored her presence, they set up a fitting environment for the new guest right away. 

Regretfully, the plates and cutlery weren't made entirely of gold. The old fairy became enraged at this and took offense. It was now time for each fairy to bestow her blessing on the kid at the same moment.

When it was her time to speak, Maleficent stood up and exclaimed, "I declare before you all that this child, on her sixteenth birthday, shall stab her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die!" With a whoosh of smoke, Maleficent was gone. Everyone was in a panic.   

Still, one of the fairies had not given her the go-ahead. It was unimaginable, but the King and Queen asked her to revoke the curse. Alternatively, the fairy proposed that she might reduce the curse.

"The princess will not perish when she pricks her finger on the spinning wheel on her sixteenth birthday; rather, she will slumber for a century," he declared.

"A century? "After our daughter turns sixteen, we won't recognize her anymore," the Queen remarked in a terrified and heartbroken voice.  

Following the events, the King issued an order banning all spinning wheels from the realm. The princess would not come near a spinning wheel, so he told them to do as he saw appropriate.

Fairies would raise the baby in a cabin hidden in the woodland. To keep her secure, they would keep her there until she turned sixteen. It would be fine to return Princess Aurora to the palace after everything is finished.

As years passed by, then came the day of the curse, Princess Aurora's sixteenth birthday, and shortly afterward, when she was exploring the castle, she found a hidden room with an elderly man bent over a spinning wheel. 

Curious, she asked the old woman if she could give it a try, but the moment she touched the spindle's needle, she fell to the ground. When the witch's spell is fulfilled, she falls into a deep sleep rather than passing away. The king gave the order with a heavy heart, and she would now lie in the splendid apartment for many years to come. The entire kingdom was grieving for Sleeping Beauty and was in extreme sadness.  

A forest grew around the castle as the years went by. A century later, while Phillip, a handsome prince, was strolling through the woodland, he entered the nation.

While examining the sleeping beauty's curse in depth, he was startled to find her, and he instantly fell in love. He bent and planted a kiss on her.

The spell was lifted, and the princess came awake. Everybody was ecstatic. When the kingdom learned that she had awoken from her slumber, everyone rejoiced.

During the evening, the prince and the princess danced well. They were married shortly after, and they had a happy marriage. The story of Sleeping Beauty ends here in love and marriage.

Moral of the story

The moral of the story is to take things slowly and not jump into things. Sometimes we can run into problems when we're too curious or don't wait for the correct moment, just like how Sleeping Beauty Princess slipped into a deep sleep because she neglected. It's also important to use caution and refrain from tampering with objects that are not intended for us. Above all, it demonstrates to us that genuine love and kindness have the power to create amazing things and support us in overcoming obstacles.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Who wrote the story of Sleeping Beauty?

    The story of Sleeping Beauty was popularized by Charles Perrault, a French author, who published it in his collection of fairy tales titled "Tales of Mother Goose" (French: "Histoires ou contes du temps passé, avec des moralités"). Perrault's version was published in 1697.

2. Where can we read the original Sleeping Beauty story?

    The original story of Sleeping Beauty, as written by Charles Perrault, can be found in various collections of fairy tales or in compilations of Perrault's works. It's also widely available online and in libraries.

3. Are there any movies based on the story of Sleeping Beauty?

    Yes, there are several movies based on the story of Sleeping Beauty. One of the most famous adaptations is Disney's animated film "Sleeping Beauty," released in 1959. Additionally, there have been other adaptations and retellings in film and television over the years.

4. What is the moral of the story of Sleeping Beauty?

    The moral of Sleeping Beauty can vary depending on interpretation, but one common lesson is the consequences of actions and the power of true love's kiss. It also explores themes of patience, perseverance, and the triumph of good over evil.

5. Is Sleeping Beauty based on a true story?

    No, Sleeping Beauty is not based on a true story. It is a classic fairy tale that has been passed down through generations, with various versions originating from different cultures over time. While it may contain elements inspired by folklore or historical events, the story itself is fictional.

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