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The Gold-Giving Serpent Story For Toddlers

gold giving serpent

The Gold Giving Serpent Story

Once upon a time, there was a farmer named Haridatta. He worked very hard in his fields, but the crops wouldn't grow well. One day, while resting under a tree in his field, he saw a big snake come out of an anthill. The farmer thought the snake was the protector of the field, and he had never given it any respect or offerings. He believed this might be the reason why his crops aren't growing.

So, he quickly went home, got some milk, and offered it to the snake with a lot of respect. He said, "I'm sorry, I didn't know you lived here. Please forgive me for not offering you anything before." The next day, when he returned, he found a shiny gold coin in the bowl near the anthill! From that day on, every time Haridatta offered milk to the snake, he would find a gold coin in return.

One day, Haridatta had to leave for a faraway place, so he asked his son to take care of the snake. The son also got a gold coin the next day. But the son's heart filled with greed. He thought, "There must be a lot of gold coins in that anthill. I will kill the snake and take them all!" The next day, he carried a stick with him, and when he went to offer milk to the snake, he also hit the snake with the stick. The snake managed to escape the stick, but it bit the son, and sadly, the son passed away.

When Haridatta returned and learned about his son, he was very sad. He went to the field to offer milk to the snake once more. But the snake spoke to him, saying that their friendship could not continue because of the son's actions. The snake gave Haridatta a precious diamond and said, "I can't forget what happened. Take this diamond and never come back." The snake then disappeared into the anthill.

Haridatta took the diamond and returned home, feeling very sad about his son's lack of understanding and the grave mistake he made. From that day on, he never tried to visit the snake again, realizing that greed and disrespect can bring great sorrow.

And that's the story of "The Gold-Giving Serpent," a tale that teaches us about the consequences of greed, the importance of respect, and the powerful lesson of understanding others.  

The Moral of the Story

The moral of the story of "The Gold-Giving Serpent" teaches us that greed and selfishness can lead to harmful consequences, and that it's important to show kindness and respect to others. The story also emphasizes the significance of understanding the potential outcomes of our actions and the importance of gratitude and generosity in our interactions with others.  The trust once built with any person should be maintained at all sorts of times. Every child should follow their parents advice and habits which will lead them to a worthy life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1.  What is the moral lesson of "The Gold-Giving Serpent" in the Panchatantra?

 The story teaches the importance of contentment and the perils of greed. It emphasizes the consequences of impulsive actions and the value of patience in decision-making.

2.  Who wrote "The Gold-Giving Serpent" in the Panchatantra?

The Panchatantra is an ancient Indian collection of stories attributed to Vishnu Sharma, a sage and teacher. However, the specific authorship of individual stories may vary.

3.  What are the consequences faced by the Brahmin in "The Gold-Giving Serpent"?

 The Brahmin faces a series of unfortunate events, including losing the gold when he disregards the serpent's warnings. His impatience and greed lead to a moral downfall and a loss of the magical gift.

4.  Is "The Gold-Giving Serpent" a popular fable in Indian folklore?

Yes, "The Gold-Giving Serpent" is a well-known fable in Indian folklore, particularly within the Panchatantra. It has been passed down through generations as a source of wisdom and moral teachings.

5.  Are there variations of "The Gold-Giving Serpent" story in other cultures?

While the specific story of the Gold-Giving Serpent is rooted in Indian folklore, similar themes of greed, consequences, and moral lessons can be found in various cultural traditions worldwide. The story's essence may have parallels in other tales.

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