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Cinderella Story For Kids

story of cinderalla

What is the real story of Cinderella?

A long time ago, in an enchanted land far, far away, lived a lovely and generous girl named Cinderella. She shared a home with two step-sisters, Drizella and Anastasia, and her stepmother, Lady Tremaine. Cinderella's stepmother had requested her to move into the attic since she didn't think much of her. In her new chamber, the chirping birds and two adorable small mice named Gus and Jaq became her close friends. 

As Cinderella was cornered among her stepsisters, she had to perform all of the housework for her stepsisters and stepmother. Before it was light outside, Cinderella got up early in the morning to light the home fire. To keep their home warm, she worked in the kitchen, prepared all of their meals, and maintained the fire to keep their house warm. Cinderella was always so unfortunate that the fire would leave cinders and ashes all over her body and clothing. Her stepsisters and stepmother called her Cinderella because she usually had cinders on her garments, even though Ella is her real name, according to her birth.

Drizella and Anastasia were pompous and aggressive. Cinderella's life was horrible and they never seemed to like her. They forced her to perform errands for them. Cinderella took care of the housework, sewing, and cooking.

Seeing Cinderella put in such a lot of work pleased Lady Tremaine. She forcefully assigned Cinderella additional tasks, such as having her bathe her cat, Lucifer. She made every effort to ensure Lady Tremaine, Anastasia, and Drizella were pleased.  

One good day, all of the kingdom's young women were invited to a royal ball, the king and queen proclaimed on one lovely morning as their messengers arrived on horseback. Finding the Prince a beautiful bride was the King and Queen's prior task. With this news, the young ladies were thrilled. They began choosing their pieces of jewelry and best prom costumes. 

The invitation to the ball was delivered to Cinderella's house by the king's messenger shortly after. Cinderella was now given the task by Lady Tremaine of sewing two gorgeous gowns for Drizella and Anastasia for the royal ball. To prevent Cinderella from attending the ball, she kept her occupied with additional tasks. Cinderella also wanted to attend the ball badly but was stopped by her wicked stepmother. She consequently discovered her mother's old outfit in her trunk. She convinced herself she could transform the garment into something stunning and appropriate for the royal banquet. 

The day of the royal ball soon came, and Anastasia and Drizella were shimmering in the exquisite gowns that Cinderella had sewn. Meanwhile, Cinderella's mother's old dress was transformed into a stunning one in the attic by Gus and Jaq, the two small mice, and the birds. They had made Cinderella's dress from the ribbons and beads that Cinderella's stepsisters had thrown away.

When Cinderella saw that the mice and birds had made her a new dress, she was ecstatic. She gave her small buddies a tiny thank you and decided she could go to the ball now with her mother's special stitched gown.

However, the moment her stepsisters saw her wearing that stunning garment, they became quite angry. To ruin her outfit, they took away the beads and ribbons. Cinderella's gorgeous clothing was torn off by them.

Instead of intervening to stop her daughters, Lady Tremaine stood by and watched as they ruined Cinderella's gown. Cinderella was left alone in the house as her stepmother departed in a beautiful carriage with her two daughters for the ball. Feeling gloomy, she ran to the garden in dismay. When she saw how torn her mother's clothes were, she began to cry. "I wish I could also go to the ball," she whispered to herself. 

Amidst the chaos, Cinderella was suddenly faced with the appearance of a Fairy Godmother. She explained to her that she had come to grant Cinderella's wish to come true. As soon as the Fairy Godmother stroked Cinderella's head with her wand, she instantly looked clean and lovely. Her messy locks were neatly tucked into a golden band. With only one more wave of the wand, Cinderella's outfit transformed into an elegant gown.

Cinderella was shocked by what she saw. The Fairy Godmother had made her some lovely glass slippers, and she looked stunning in them. However, she lacked a carriage to get to the ball. Thus, the Fairy Godmother transformed a pumpkin into a magnificent carriage for Cinderella by waving her magic wand over it. By gently touching the small mice with her wand, she transformed them into Cinderella's carriage drivers.

Cinderella was urged by the Fairy Godmother to attend the ball and enjoy herself. "Remember, my child, that this magic spell will end at midnight," she said. Return before then. Cinderella cheerfully departed for the ball in the carriage that Gus and Jaq had drawn, promising to return before midnight. Cinderella was taken aback by the palace's grandeur and the lavish ball that greeted her. There were a ton of young women being accompanied by their mothers. Everyone aspired to win the Prince over. The Prince, though, was clueless. He had no idea who to dance with or where to look. 

Everyone turned to see Cinderella as she arrived at the royal ball. Dreamlike was how she appeared. Not even her stepsisters or stepmother realized who she was; they were all in shock at such a lovely sight. Wearing a proud expression, Cinderella entered the ballroom. Everyone mistakenly believed her to be a princess because of her magnificent appearance. 

The Prince had his eye on Cinderella and could not look away. He approached her and gave her his name. With a bow, Cinderella greeted the Prince with elegance. He extended an invitation to dance. They laughed, conversed, and danced to every song. Cinderella made the other young ladies at the ball envious. 

Cinderella and the Prince were more and more absorbed in each other's company as the evening wore on. Her charm and attractiveness enchanted the Prince. Never before had Cinderella been happier. All of a sudden, she heard, "Ding, dong!" The timepiece was going to strike twelve. It was almost midnight when she peered up at the palace's large royal clock. "Oh!" was all she could scream. It's almost midnight already! She informed the Prince that her time was limited. "I have to go now," she murmured. The clock was loud enough for the Prince to not be able to hear Cinderella. With a quick wave, Cinderella said goodbye to him and dashed down the steps.

One of her glass slippers fell off as she hurried down the stairs, but she didn't pause to get it before leaving the palace. The enchantment had begun to fade. She led the Prince to the stairs. "Even your name is unknown to me," he cried at her. However, she didn't go back and appeared to have disappeared in her carriage. 

On the steps, the Prince discovered her glass slipper. It dawned on him that it was a unique glass slipper that was exclusive to Cinderella's foot. He thus began his search for the other slipper the following day. Searching for the perfect fit for the glass slipper, he traveled from house to house. The glass slipper was attempted on by all the young ladies, but none of them could fit into it.

At last, Cinderella's home was visited by the Prince. The glass slipper was too small for the girls of Lady Tremaine, even though they were eager to try it on. If any other young ladies were there in the home, the Prince inquired. The Prince discovered Cinderella working in the home, despite their refusal to tell him about her. Sinking to his knees, he insisted that she try the glass slipper. For Cinderella's foot, it was the ideal fit. 

The Prince was thrilled to have discovered his true love. He stared into her eyes, unaffected by the cinders in her hair. He exclaimed, "I found you," and he led Cinderella away. The two daughters of Lady Tremaine turned scarlet, while Cinderella's companions Gus and Jaq celebrated. Cinderella was married to the Prince, and the story began in a new kingdom with the prince and princess who lived happily ever after.

Moral of the Story of a Cinderella 

Fairy tales for kids have long served as moral stories and bedtime stories for kids, captivating young minds with their enchanting narratives. Among these, the tale of Cinderella stands out as a classic princess story, woven with themes of kindness, forgiveness, tenacity, and faith in magic. In the story, Cinderella exemplifies forbearance and kindness despite enduring maltreatment from her stepfamily. Her unwavering resilience in the face of adversity serves as a powerful lesson for young readers about the importance of maintaining grace and compassion even in challenging circumstances. As children immerse themselves in the fairytale world of Cinderella, they not only enjoy a captivating story but also glean valuable lessons about empathy, perseverance, and the transformative power of love. Thus, fairy tales like Cinderella continue to serve as cherished bedtime stories, imparting essential moral teachings to generations of young listeners.

Frequently Asked Question 

1. Who wrote the Cinderella story?

   The Cinderella story for kids has been passed down through generations and has numerous variations across cultures. However, the most famous version was penned by Charles Perrault in 1697 in France. His version, titled "Cendrillon," served as the foundation for many subsequent retellings.

2. Where can we find the original Cinderella story?

   Charles Perrault's version of Cinderella can be found in various collections of fairy tales. One of the most accessible sources is "Tales of Mother Goose," which includes several classic fairy tales. Additionally, libraries, bookstores, and online platforms offer numerous versions of the story.

3. What are the key elements of the Cinderella story?

   The Cinderella story typically revolves around a kind and mistreated young woman who overcomes adversity with the help of magic or supernatural assistance to attend a royal event. Key elements include the fairy godmother, the glass slipper, a transformation, and a happily-ever-after ending.

4. Are there different versions of Cinderella?

   Yes, Cinderella has been adapted and retold by various cultures and authors worldwide. Each version may feature unique cultural elements, settings, and characters while retaining the core storyline of a downtrodden protagonist finding love and redemption.

5. What lessons can we learn from Cinderella?

   Cinderella teaches valuable lessons about kindness, perseverance, and the power of goodness prevailing over cruelty. It emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself despite adversity and believing in the possibility of a better future. Additionally, the story highlights the significance of empathy and compassion towards others.

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