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The Three Wishes Story For Kids

three wishes

The Three Wishes Story For Kids With Moral

The Three Wishes is a classic fairy tale about a poor woodcutter and his wife who are granted three wishes by a fairy they save from a fallen tree. However, they end up wasting their wishes on silly things and regretting their choices. Here is a possible narration of the story for kids in elaborate and simple language:

One day, a woodcutter was working in the forest. He was looking for a good tree to chop down. He found a big and strong tree that seemed easy to cut. He raised his axe and hit the tree hard. But as soon as he did that, he heard a voice crying out, “Help, help! Someone help me!”

The woodcutter was surprised and scared. He looked around and saw a little fairy stuck under the tree. The fairy’s wings were trapped by the heavy branches. The woodcutter felt sorry for the fairy and decided to help him. He used his axe and a rock to lift the tree and free the fairy.

The fairy was very grateful to the woodcutter. He said, “Thank you for saving my life. You are very kind and generous. I want to reward you for your good deed. I will grant you and your wife three wishes. Whatever you wish for, it will come true. But be careful, because you can only wish for three things and you cannot change your mind later.”

The woodcutter was amazed and happy. He thought of all the things he and his wife could wish for. He said goodbye to the fairy and ran home to tell his wife the good news.

When he reached home, he told his wife everything that had happened. His wife was also very excited. They sat down by the fire and started to think of what they should wish for. They thought of many things, like money, clothes, a big house, a horse and carriage, and so on. But they could not decide what was the best thing to choose.

They talked for a long time and became hungry. The woodcutter said, “I wish we had something good to eat. I am so hungry. I wish we had a nice black pudding like you used to make.”

As soon as he said that, a big black pudding appeared on the table. The woodcutter and his wife were shocked and happy. They realized that their first wish had come true.

But the wife was also angry. She said, “You fool! You wasted our first wish on a black pudding! We could have wished for something better. I wish this black pudding was stuck to your nose!”

As soon as she said that, the black pudding jumped from the table and stuck to the woodcutter’s nose. The woodcutter and his wife were horrified. They tried to pull the black pudding off, but it was stuck too tight. The woodcutter could not breathe properly and the wife could not stand the smell.

They realized that their second wish had come true, but in a bad way. They had only one wish left, and they had to use it wisely.

The woodcutter said, “We have to get rid of this black pudding. It is ruining our lives. We have to wish for it to go away.”

The wife agreed. She said, “Yes, we have no choice. We have to wish for the black pudding to come off your nose. But what a waste of our last wish! We could have wished for something better.”

They sighed and said together, “We wish for the black pudding to come off the woodcutter’s nose.”

As soon as they said that, the black pudding fell off the woodcutter’s nose and landed on the floor. The woodcutter and his wife were relieved and happy. They could breathe and smell again.

But they were also sad and disappointed. They had used up all their three wishes, and they had nothing to show for it. They had wasted their chance to have a better life. They realized that they had been foolish and greedy. They wished they had been more careful and thoughtful.

They hugged each other and said, “We still have each other, and that is enough. We will work hard and be happy with what we have. We will never be greedy again.”

Moral of the Story

The moral story of "The Three Wishes" teaches us that we should be careful what we wish for, because our wishes may have unexpected consequences. We should also be grateful for what we have, and not be greedy for more. It teaches us the importance of contentment and the consequences of greed. It highlights that sometimes, simplicity and appreciating what we have can lead to a more fulfilling and balanced life. It also emphasizes the need to think carefully before making decisions, as wishes granted without consideration may not always bring happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who wrote The Three Wishes? 

The Three Wishes is a folk tale that has many versions and variations. It is not clear who wrote the original story, but it has been retold by many authors and storytellers. Some of the famous versions are by the Brothers Grimm, Joseph Jacobs, and Margot Zemach.

  1. Any similar stories related to The Three Wishes? 

There are many similar stories related to The Three Wishes, where the characters are granted wishes by a magical being, but end up regretting their choices. Some of the examples are:

  • The Fisherman and His Wife

  • The Monkey’s Paw

  • Aladdin and the Magic Lamp

  1. Is The Three Wishes related to Aesop’s tale? 

The Three Wishes is not related to Aesop’s tale, which is a collection of fables attributed to the ancient Greek storyteller Aesop. Aesop’s tales usually feature animals as the main characters, and have a moral lesson at the end. The Three Wishes is a fairy tale that features humans and a fairy as the main characters, and has a humorous twist at the end.

  1. What is the genre of The Three Wishes? 

The Three Wishes is a fairy tale, which is a type of fiction that features magical or supernatural elements, often set in a fantasy world. Fairy tales usually have a moral lesson or a happy ending.

  1. What is the tone of The Three Wishes? 

The tone of The Three Wishes is humorous and ironic. The author uses exaggeration, dialogue, and situational irony to create a funny and entertaining story. The tone also contrasts the seriousness of the wishes with the silliness of the outcomes.

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