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Unity is Strength

In a village there once lived an elderly farmer and his four sons. All of his sons were continuously arguing with one another. The farmer made a lot of efforts to unite them, but they were deaf to his counsel. His concerns for their future were very great.

After becoming ill one day, the elderly farmer made the decision to unite his sons by playing a trick with his sons. The next day, He asked his sons to bring a few sticks to him. They carried the sticks. The oldest son was asked to pick up one stick and distribute them in each of their sibling hands. He did so and all were confused having the sticks in their hands. 

The old father ordered them all to break it, so did all the sons. The sticks broke in an intense way by making sounds crack! crack!. Now the father asked the oldest son to tie up the sticks together to break them into pieces. The oldest brother tried hard but could not break it, and then the father asked to pass the bundle among his sons to break it. Unfortunately none can break the sticks into pieces.

The old farmer smiled and said to his sons, “Dear sons, you all easily broke the sticks when it is in one hand, whereas you all found it difficult to break it in a bundle”. Listen my dear sons when you all are deviated on your ways any one can easily break you up easily. When you all are like the bundle as united in one no one can shatter or break you up easily. 

So, be in unity that is all your strength so none can intrude you at any cost. Live in brotherhood on one hand so you all grow in unity in strength.

Moral of the Story

Unity is always strength that makes every person one in anything that does not fail at any circumstance. Even the most difficult obstacles can be overcome by people coming together and working toward a common purpose. When people rely on and support one another, they can accomplish amazing things, just like the four sons in the story. Likewise the old farmer taught his sons every parent should teach their kids the value of unity and the story is the best example to prove that unity is strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Who wrote the story of "The Farmer and His Sons"?

"The Farmer and His Sons" is one of Aesop's Fables, a collection of ancient Greek moral tales attributed to the storyteller Aesop.

2.What is the moral lesson conveyed in "The Farmer and His Sons"?

The moral lesson of the story is about the importance of unity and strength in family. It teaches that when family members work together and support each other, they are stronger and can overcome any adversity.

3.Where can I read "The Farmer and His Sons"?

"The Farmer and His Sons" can be found in various collections of Aesop's Fables, both in print and online. It is a widely known and often referenced story, available in many storybooks, fable collections, and websites dedicated to Aesop's tales.

4.Are there similar stories to "The Farmer and His Sons"?

Yes, there are similar stories from different cultures and traditions that share the theme of unity and strength within families or communities. For example, "The Bundle of Sticks" from Aesop's Fables and "The Three Brothers" from Indian folklore share similar themes of unity and strength through cooperation.

5.What are some modern interpretations or adaptations of "The Farmer and His Sons"?

"The Farmer and His Sons" has been adapted into various forms such as children's books, animated shorts, and even theatrical performances. Additionally, the moral lesson of unity and strength is often referenced in modern literature, movies, and motivational speeches as a timeless principle for success and resilience.

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