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How to Improve My Child’s English Speaking Skills






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Every parent wants their child to be fluent in English. Being a global language and the most common medium to communicate, it feels essential to develop English-speaking skills in a child’s early years of education. Although the technology surrounding us has made it easy as there are enough videos available on the web to develop language skills, it is essential to spend a considerable amount of time with your child to teach language skills to your child. 

Mother and child reading a book together

Initial years are crucial to learning a language other than the native language, as the chances of achieving excellence in the language are high. When kids start communicating in English from their early years, they tend to develop excellent speaking skills to be more efficient as they grow up. 

Let’s learn about a few ways in which you can improve your child’s English speaking skills. Developing language skills is not difficult, but the only key to effectively grasping the gifts is to practice consistently. Daily practice can do wonders for your child’s speaking skills. In this article, we have discussed some ways to help you develop the English-speaking skills of your child.

Simple Ways To Enhance Child’s English Speaking Skills

Incorporate A Reading Habit

One of the things that you can do is to inculcate a reading habit. This can only be done by buying your child books of his interests. It can be about their favorite fictional character, or a simple motivational storybook, with great stories and life lessons. If your child likes to be updated with the latest affairs and news, make sure that you get him newspapers and magazines to read. Sit with your kid and make time for reading.

Reading bedtime stories to your child can also help with developing language skills. With every other page, colored with visuals, simple language, and repetitive words will help build

vocabulary. It is an excellent alternative to listening to audio stories, making your kids read, and even asking them to read aloud to you.

Cute little girl reading a book to learn english

Choose What To Watch

We all grab a seat and enjoy watching TV shows and movies. They play a pivotal role in entertaining us. Whenever we want to relax on the weekends, we always turn to TV and movies. As we spend a considerable amount of time watching TV shows, they can be a great way to develop language skills. Watching English shows that kids can help them to learn new words and build their vocabulary. Apart from this, the simple English sentences in these shows can improve the child’s English speaking.

Let Your Child Watch Cartoons In English

Living in the era of technology, the DTH, and HD TV provides the options to switch language for programs you want to watch. Since kids love to watch cartoons, you can prefer to watch them in English. There are chances that the kids might not get comfortable with it initially, but they will find it interesting with time. They will end up developing communication skills by learning simple English sentences.

Encourage Your Child To Speak In English When At Home

Children spend most of their time at home, and hence a lot of conversation happens with them. With so much time in hand, you can start instructing them in English. This will motivate them to reply in the same language. The simple English sentences and necessary conversation skills at home will help them gain the confidence to speak the language in public.

Motivate Them At Every Step

When you start communicating in English, there are chances that your child will try his best to respond in simple English sentences. Initially, the child will make mistakes and repeat them. It is your responsibility to correct him without making them feel upset. Encourage them to try harder and speak again. Make this a habit, and you will see significant developments in the days to come.

motivate your kids to do better

Keep A Diary In English

Some children often love to jot down things. They have their own separate notebook to write things down about their day or friends. If your kid is among those, ask him to pen down his thoughts in English. This will improve the child’s English-speaking skills along with their writing skills. And with time, they will develop the habit of it, making fewer mistakes and more sense.

Listen To English Songs

Music is a great mood healer. It has a significant impact on everybody, and hence, people prefer to tune in to their favourite tracks to find peace of mind. Like we asked you to choose to watch TV shows in English, you should prefer listening to English music. The songs have a repetitive pattern that is easy to memorize. Kids especially remember songs at a faster pace. Listening to these songs will help them learn the pronunciation of certain words and enhance their vocabulary.

Action Verbs For Children Education

Communicate In English With Friends

When children grow up, they spend a lot of time talking to their friends. Whether in school, tuition classes, or over the phone, it will be beneficial for kids to speak English with their friends. A significant advantage of talking in English with friends is that the kids feel extremely comfortable amongst their friends. There is no pressure of being judged on the mistakes, and that is why they can speak fluently. Eventually, the English speaking skills will develop, and your kid will communicate in the language fluently.

Play Word Games

An exciting and engaging method to develop the vocabulary of a child is to play word games. This will enhance the knowledge of the words, and with a daily routine of playing word games, your kid will search for new terms every day from different mediums.

Sing Out Loud

Rhymes and poems are other interactive ways to develop language skills in children. With repetitive word patterns, kids tend to memorize new words. When they recite the lyrics in front of friends and classmates, they gain confidence and improve pronunciation.

Young woman playing guitar with a group of kids singing and playing musical instruments.


Kids quickly pick up the language and learn it effectively. With the constant hearing of the same words, the kids eventually register the names in their minds and eventually develop English speaking skills. As they learn their first language, they can also improve their English speaking skills with consistent practice and the right tips and approach. Make sure to follow a rigorous pattern to teach effectively. It is essential to provide them with a suitable environment to learn a new language. The process may appear time-consuming, but every second spent on polishing the English speaking skills will enhance your child’s confidence in the language. 

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