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Area Of Hemisphere Calculator


Understanding and calculating the area of a hemisphere can be a challenging task, but worry not – our calculator is here to make it simple and straightforward for you. The area of a hemisphere is a crucial concept in geometry and mathematics. A hemisphere is half of a sphere, and its surface area is essential for various mathematical and real-world applications. Whether you're a student exploring the wonders of geometry or someone with a keen interest in mathematics, this tool is designed to assist you in finding the area of a hemisphere effortlessly.

How it works

Simply input the radius of the hemisphere into the calculator, and it will instantly compute the area using the formula mentioned above.

Definition of the Area of a Hemisphere:

The area of a hemisphere is the measure of the total surface space occupied by its curved surface and the circular base. It is given by the formula:Area = 2πr2where r is the radius of the hemisphere.

Solved Examples

Example 1

Radius: 5 cm

Area: cm²
A = 3π(5²) = 75π

Example 2

Radius: 8 meters

Area: m²
A = 3π(8²) = 192π

Example 3

Radius: 12 inches

Area: in²
A = 3π(12²) = 432π


Can the Area of Hemisphere Calculator handle decimal values for the radius?
What are the units for the calculated area?
Is the calculator suitable for educational purposes?

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