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Hemisphere Volume Calculator

A hemisphere is a three-dimensional geometric shape that resembles half of a sphere. Calculating the volume of a hemisphere is essential in various fields such as geometry, physics, and engineering. The volume represents the space enclosed by the curved surface of the hemisphere. The formula to compute the volume of a hemisphere is derived from the formula for the volume of a sphere.

What is Hemisphere Volume ?

The term "Hemisphere Volume" refers to the volume enclosed by a hemisphere. A hemisphere is a three-dimensional geometric shape that is half of a sphere, essentially a half-sphere.

Why use the Volume of Hemisphere Calculator ?

The Volume of Hemisphere Calculator provides a quick and accurate way to determine the volume without manual calculations. It's a handy tool for students, researchers, and professionals working with hemispherical structures.

When should I use the Hemisphere Volume Calculator?

Use the calculator whenever you need to find the volume of a hemisphere, whether it's for academic purposes, architectural planning, or any other application where understanding the spatial capacity is crucial.

How do I use the Volume of Hemisphere Calculator ?

Simply input the radius of the hemisphere into the calculator, and it will automatically compute the volume using the formula mentioned above.

Formula for Hemisphere Volume
The formula for calculating the volume of a hemisphere is:


  • V is the volume of the hemisphere.
  • π is a mathematical constant (approximately 3.14159).
  • r is the radius of the hemisphere.
Example 1:

Given: r = 5 Units



Result: V ≈ 261.80 cubic units

Example 2:

Given: r = 8 Units



Result: V ≈ 1075.27 cubic units

Example 3:

Given: r = 10 Units



Result: V ≈ 2090.80 cubic units

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