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Semi-Circle Area Calculator

A Semicircle is half of a circle, and calculating its area involves understanding its properties and using the appropriate formula. The area of a semicircle is an important concept in geometry and is often encountered in mathematics and engineering studies. .

What is a Semicircle Area Calculator ?

A Semicircle Area Calculator is a tool designed to quickly and accurately compute the area of a semicircle when its radius or diameter is provided. It simplifies the process of manually applying the area formula, making it convenient for students, professionals, and anyone in need of this calculation. ?

How to calculate the Area of Semicircle ?

Using Radius:

The area (A) of a semicircle with radius (r) can be calculated using the formula:


Using Diameter:

Alternatively, if the diameter (d) is known, the area can be calculated as:



Example 1:

Given radius, r = 7 cm

Using the formula: Area=πr22


Area = 76.97 cm2

Example 2:

Given radius, r = 5 cm

Using the formula: Area=πr22


Area = 39.26 cm2

Example 3:

Given diameter, d = 10

Using the formula: Area=πd28


Area = 39.26 cm2


Is the Semicircle Area Calculator accurate?
Can I use the Semicircle Area Calculator for different units of measurement?
Is the Semicircle Area Calculator easy to use?

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