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Angular Acceleration Calculator

Welcome to our Angular Acceleration Calculator , a powerful tool designed to assist you in solving problems related to angular motion. Whether you're a student, a researcher, or someone interested in physics, this calculator will simplify your calculations and provide accurate results.

What is the Angular Acceleration Calculator and how does it work?

The Angular Acceleration Calculator is a valuable resource for determining the rate at which an object rotates or changes its angular velocity. It is particularly useful when dealing with rotational motion problems. Let's delve into some essential questions to better understand its functionality:

What is Angular Acceleration?

Angular acceleration represents the rate of change of angular velocity with respect to time. It is denoted by the symbol "α" and is measured in radians per second squared (rad/s²).

What is Angular Acceleration?
Angular acceleration can be calculated using the formula:

α = Δω / Δt

  • α is the angular acceleration,
  • Δω is the change in angular velocity,
  • Δt is the change in time.

Solved Illustrated Examples:

A wheel initially rotating at 2 rad/s accelerates uniformly to 5 rad/s in 3 seconds. Find the angular acceleration.

α =5 rad/s-2 rad/s3 s=1 rad/s2


An object has an angular acceleration of π4 rad/s2 for 6 seconds. Calculate the change in angular velocity.

Δω=α×Δt = π4×6= 3π 2 rad/s2


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