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Angular Velocity Calculators

The Angular Velocity Calculator, a handy tool designed to help you effortlessly compute angular velocity in various scenarios. Whether you're a student studying physics or an enthusiast exploring rotational motion, our calculator simplifies the process of determining angular velocity.

What is Angular Velocity?

Angular velocity refers to the rate of change of angular displacement with respect to time. It measures how fast an object rotates or spins around an axis.

Why Use Angular Velocity Calculator?

Our Angular Velocity Calculator eliminates the need for manual calculations, saving you time and effort. It provides accurate results swiftly, allowing you to focus on understanding concepts rather than crunching numbers.

When to Use Angular Velocity Calculator?

Use the Angular Velocity Calculator whenever you need to determine the rotational speed of an object or analyze circular motion problems. It's particularly useful in physics, engineering, astronomy, and various other fields.

Where to Use Angular Velocity Calculator?

You can utilize our Angular Velocity Calculator in classrooms, laboratories, research facilities, and even in everyday scenarios involving rotational motion analysis.

Formula for Angular Velocity:
Angular Velocity (ω) is calculated using the formula:

ω = θt

  • ω = Angular velocity in radians per second (rad/s), rad/s)
  • θ = Angular displacement in radians (rad)
  • t = Time taken in seconds (s)
Solved Illustrated Examples:
An object rotates through an angle of 45∘ in 3 seconds.
ω = 45°3s = 45 × π/1803

ω = π4 rad/s

A wheel completes 10 revolutions in 20 seconds.

ω = 10 × 2π20 rad/s

Therefore, the angular velocity is π rad/s

A propeller completes 34 of a revolution in 2 seconds.

ω = 3/4 × 2π2 rad/s

Therefore, the angular velocity is 4 rad/s


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