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Coulomb's Law Calculator

Welcome to our Coulomb's Law Calculator - the ultimate tool for understanding and applying Coulomb's Law in the realm of electrostatics. Whether you're a student grappling with physics assignments or a professional seeking quick solutions, our calculator simplifies complex calculations, making Coulomb's Law more accessible.

What is the Coulomb's Law Calculator?

The Coulomb's Law Calculator is a powerful online tool designed to compute the electrostatic force between two charged objects. It is based on Coulomb's Law, which quantifies the force between two charged particles. This tool facilitates quick and accurate calculations, eliminating the need for manual computation and reducing the risk of errors.

What is the formula for Coulomb's Law Calculator work?
The calculator employs the following formula:

F=k.|q1.q2| / r2

  • F is the electrostatic force between the charges,
  • k is Coulomb's constant (8.99 × 109 N m2/C2),
  • q1 and q2 are the magnitudes of the charges, and r is the separation between the charges.
Solved Illustrated Examples:
  • q1=2 μC,
  • q2​=−3 μC,
  • r=1 m
  • Applying the formula,
  • F =8.99 × 109⋅∣2 × 10−6⋅(−3 × 10−6)∣(1)2=5.39 N

  • q1=5 μC,
  • q2​=2 μC,
  • r=2 m
  • Applying the formula,
  • F =8.99 × 109⋅∣5 × 10−6⋅2 × 10−6∣(1)2=2.25 N

  • q1=4 μC,
  • q2​=4 μC,
  • r=3 m
  • Applying the formula,
  • F =8.99 × 109⋅∣4 × 10−6⋅4 × 10−6∣(3)2=3.17 N

Frequently Asked Questions

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