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Gravitational Force Calculator

Gravitational Force Calculator– an essential tool for physics enthusiasts, students, and researchers alike. Understanding the force of gravity is fundamental in various scientific applications, and our calculator simplifies the process of determining gravitational force based on key parameters.


What is the Gravitational Force Calculator ?

The Gravitational Force Calculator is a specialized tool designed to compute the force of gravity between two objects. It leverages Newton's law of universal gravitation, providing a straightforward solution for determining the attractive force between masses.

What is the formula to calculate Gravitational Force ?

The calculator employs the following formula:

F=G ×m1×m2r²


F is the gravitational force,

G is the gravitational constant (6.674×10−11 Nm2/kg2)

m1 and m2 are the masses of two objects and r is the distance between their centers.


Example 1:

Mass of Object1 (m1): 50kg

Mass of Object2 (m2): 75kg

Distance (r): 2 meters


F ≈ 6.2555 x 10-8 N

Example 2:

Mass of Object1 (m1): 100kg

Mass of Object2 (m2): 150kg

Distance (r): 3 meters


F ≈ 1.1121 x 10-7 N

Example 3:

Mass of Object1 (m1): 250kg

Mass of Object2 (m2): 200kg

Distance (r): 4 meters


F ≈ 2.0851 x 10-7 N

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